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Reading and Success
"Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body." (Joseph Addison)

I think we can all agree that reading is an essential life skill. It helps us locate userful infomation, accomplish daily tasks, and helps us communicate with others. Reading can also be a wonderful source of pleasure and entertainment, and a great way to connect to places and people from around the world...and beyond!

How can you support your child in fostering a love of reading?

-Find time to read to your child on a regular basis (or as they get older, to talk about books read)
-Let your child see you read (kids follow their role models!)
-Encourage your child to practice reading on a daily basis as they learn this new skill (regular practice is key!)
-Encourage your child to read for pleasure once your child becomes a fluent reader (support them in finding interesting reading materials by exploring different genres and types of books)
-Help your child remember to bring their library books back to school every week, in order to pick new books to enjoy at home (also, don't forget about the free public library​)

"One cannot predict what book will serve as a home run experience for a particular child...Children read more when they see other people reading, both at school and at home...Simply providing time to read results in more reading." (Stephen Krashen, The Power of Reading: Insights from the Research)