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Reading and Success
​Did you know that North American students K-12 read on average for just seven minutes a day?  A recent study d the reading habits of over 650,000 students in North America and found that students can read.  It's just that many cannot read well.
  • According to Terrance Paul. author of Patterns of Student Reading Practice, the reason children aren’t reading well has nothing to do with how teachers teach the mechanics of reading.  “Our teachers do a good job teaching students how to read.  The problem is that students simply aren’t spending enough time practicing the reading skills they have learner.
  • When ranked according to the amount of reading they do students in the top 5 percent read 144 times more than students in the bottom 5 percent.
The more a student reads, the better his/her chances of success.  Since reading is a skill, the more you practice the skill the better you become.  
Give your child a jump on their school years.  Encourage reading at home.  Model the habit so that students see that it is a valued skill. Studies show that it is particularly important for boys to see males who are readers.  As boys get older you may experience more success encouraging them to read if you use nonfiction materials written at their level (dinosaurs, trucks, bugs, space, etc.) or sports novels (Matt Christopher, Bruce Brooks, Sigmund Brouwer, Roy MacGregor, Scott Young, etc.).  Since language is very much a transferable skill it’s important for parents of immersion students to remember to encourage their children to read in English as well as French.