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École Glenmore Elementary
All learners have the right to dignity, purpose and options. Tout apprenant a droit à la dignité, à l'auto-détermination et au choix.
Library Guidelines

Library Guidelines:


  • Your child is allowed to check out two or three books each week depending on their grade.
  • Books should be checked out and returned on their specified library day.
  • A book may be renewed (checked out again) if the student is not finished reading it. An overdue (late) book means a student cannot borrow another book (until the overdue book is renewed or returned).
  • No books may be checked out if a primary student forgets their library bag.
  • Lost books must be paid for.
  • Students are responsible to handle library books with care, since they are for everyone to share. Please keep books away from pets, food, and all liquids.
  • Any book damage should be reported to the library as soon as possible so we can attempt repairs.
  • If your family plans to move from Glenmore Elementary, please return all books before moving.


The library program has some exciting opportunities in store for your child this year:

  • Our curriculum will be promoting the very best of children's literature to your child with activities designed to help student's enjoy the stories even more.
  • We be doing our very best to get (or keep) your children "hooked on reading" by recommending specific reading materials to each individual.
  • At each grade level, students will be learning digital literacy skills specifically suited to their developmental needs. 
  • The new iPads in the library will be available for use this year!
  • We have a lot of special events being planned, including author visits, a book fair, and reading contests.


Students in grades K-6 visit our library, with their class, once a week. Library classes for grades K-3 follow a set curriculum and offer our students the opportunity to become "effective users of ideas and information".  We work closely with teachers to integrate library skills and materials into the core curriculum. At all grade levels, the teachers and teacher-librarians work together to reinforce appropriate reading strategies and encourage self-selection of library materials.  Our library is open to students for 15 minutes most mornings as well as after school and students are permitted to visit as needed.


Doug Obst and Tammy Jones