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Battle of The Books

Battle of the Books Reading Program  

The goals of this reading program are to encourage the love of reading and to expose students to a variety of authors and genres. 

A list of nine books has been preselected for each grade (4, 5, and 6's) based on reading lists provided by the Kamloops Teacher-Librarians Association.  Students will begin reading these books in October.  It is expected that upon return from winter break in January, that students will have read at least five of the nine books from their grade level list.  Beginning in January, we will meet to discuss the books and students will be quizzed on the contents of each book.  The questions used will all begin with "In what book…" so that the answer will always be the title of one of the nine books.  The top four students from each grade level with the most correct answers will be chosen to represent Glenmore Elementary at the Zonal Battle of the Books Competition in April.