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2016 – 2017 Staff

Kindergarten     Mrs. T. Holloway
Grade 1             Mrs. M. MacPherson
Grade 1 / 2        Mrs. C. McKenzie
Grade 2 / 3        Mr. B. Reiben
Grade 3             Ms. H. Jacob
Grade 4 / 5        Mrs. W. Barr
Grade 5 / 6        Mr. J. Boersma
Grade 5 / 6        Mr. W. MacPherson

Kindergarten        Mme S. Godon
Kindergarten        Mme N. Risso
Kindergarten        Mme. G. Hawtree
Grade 1                Mme J. MacKenzie
Grade 1                Mme J. Lapointe
Grade 1                Mme A. Dumas
Grade 2                Mme N. Marcil
Grade 2                Mme K. Wihak / Mme K. Roxin
Grade 2                Mme B. Coape-Arnold
Grade 3                Mme P. Picone
Grade 3                Mmes C. Embregts/L. Jacobson
Grade 3                Mme. T. Molzahn
Grade 4                Mme. E. van Oyen
Grade 4                Mme S. Tobin
Grades 5 / 6         Mr. J. Gazel
Grades 5 / 6         Mr. M. Costa
Grades 5 / 6         Mr. P. Fafard
Grades 5 / 6         Mme L. Marques

Additional Teaching Staff:                                                             
Mrs. R. Draper       Music                                                                   
Mr. D. Obst            Librarian                                                               
Mme Therien         French Learning Assistance                                 
Ms. Tremblay        English Learning Assistance                               
Mrs. Buehner        Inclusion Teacher                                                 
Ms. M. Dobbin      School Counselor                                                 
Ms. M. Nelson      Speech - Language                                             
Mrs. C. Ward        Resource Teacher

School Administrators:     
Mme W. Briggs      Principal                                                               
Mrs. T. Middleton   Vice Principal

Support Staff
Mrs. S. Arnold                     
Ms. J. Beekman                   
Ms. S. Minor                        
Ms. N. Mitchell                    
Mrs. G. Nixon                       
Ms. M. Onysko                    
Ms. T. Prysunka                   
Ms. M. Robertson
Ms. B. Riley                          
Mr. M. Sessa                        
Ms. R. Terai                          
Ms. M. Whiting                   
Mrs. T. Withers

First Nations Advocate:
Ms. R. Alexis                        

Mr. M. Weber - Head Custodian      
Mr. B. Stone    - Custodian      
Mr. L. Nyuyen  - Custodian

Mrs. K. Calvert  - Head Secretary                                     
Mrs. M. MacArthur - Secretary         
Mrs. T. Jones - Library Assistant