School Goals
GME School Goals  
We are in the process of developing new school goals.  
Inquiry is being used as a guide for this process.  

We gathered initial data from our students in the Spring of 2017 (the "Scanning" phase).  In the Scanning phase, our students were asked four questions:  
1.  Can you name 2 people at GME who believe that you will be successful in life?  
2.  What are you learning and why is it important?  
3.  How is your learning going?  
4.  What would you like to learn next?

Our staff and parents have also been asked 3 Big Questions:  
1.  How is it going for our learners at GME?  
2.  How do you know?  
3.  Why does this matter?  
Our next step will be to examine the data as a staff team (Implementation Day- October 2017) to begin to develop a build a plan together that will take us on a journey over the next 3 to 5 years.  

From all the information that we gather, we will work with our community to narrow our focus on few goals and then determine what we need to learn, try it and then assess whether we have made enough of a difference.  This Spiral of Inquiry will continue as we journey together to improve learning for our GME community.
We will keep you updated as we progress--you can click on the "Learning Plan" tab on our school website's home page for more information.