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GME Community Code of Conduct

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The types of behaviours which are appropriate for a community are expected to be understood by all members. Modeling is the best method for learning expected behavior. When student behavior is unexpected, we always seek first to listen to the student and try to understand his/her behavior. Every behavioral issue is an opportunity for both teaching and learning. We are firm, but fair; and recognize that fair does not always mean the same for every student. Disciplinary decisions made by teachers and administrators are determined after a due and fair process taking into consideration the developmental stage, history, needs of the student, the seriousness of the infraction, and school safety. Students should always be treated with respect and dignity. It is important for consistent, fair, and logical consequences to be implemented.

Work is ongoing to refine our school's Code of Conduct.  During 2019-2020 a team of students (Gr. 2-6), staff and parents examined and revised the Code of Conduct to reflect the Seven Sacred Teachings.  A DRAFT Code of Conduct document is attached below.  Your input would be most welcome.